How to Overcome Depression: 10 Things You Can Do

How to Overcome Depression

The problem of depression is becoming very common these days and this is because our lives have become very different. Like it was 100 years ago and because of this there have been so many changes in our environment and our bodies are not able to deal with it.

what is depression?

So first let me tell you what is depression? Now there are many scientific explanations for this but basically the thing is that there are two chemicals in your brain, serotonin and dopamine, which are called feel good chemicals. Because of these, you like anything when you are happy. When you eat chocolate, these chemicals are released and when you are depressed, your brain is unable to produce these chemicals. This is why nothing makes you happy. So if seen from a superficial perspective, there are two types of depression.

How to Overcome Depression

Types of depression

One is situational depression and the other is clinical depression. So let me tell you what these two are because to cure your depression you should know which one of these two it is. Like you, we all get situational depression in our daily life. This is the kind of depression where anything bad happens to us. Be it death of your family member or divorce or breakup or some bad accident. Extra: This type of depression occurs because things change suddenly in your life or the way you see your entire world changes.

How to Overcome Depression

And if you are not able to deal with it then most of the people have this type of depression but there are other types of depression. Clinical depression: This is the kind of depression which starts affecting all areas of your life. People are not able to work well and their physical health also starts declining gradually and if you have been suffering from depression for a long time and you are not able to come out of depression then maybe you need a clinical operation.

And the best thing is that you get your depression diagnosed by a certified psychologist. This type of depression is a bit difficult to deal with alone and most of the time you will probably need medicine and therapy.

Why is it important to get out of depression?

But before I tell you what to do? You have to understand why it is so important to get rid of your depression. Depression is a problem where it reduces the quality of your life, but perhaps this will be the smallest problem. Depression can also spoil your career because you will not be able to focus on your job and most importantly, depression has been actually linked to depression. This is very important compared to other types of mental problems like anxiety, OCD. Should you learn to deal with it?

How to Overcome Depression

Before it gets worse, it is possible that if you are feeling very depressed right now, you may not feel like doing anything and this is what depression does to you. It makes you very weak and you don't feel like doing anything. But please, if you are watching this video then you should know that there is a part within you which wants to rise above this depression, so please listen to me and take care of yourself. I too have had depression and I know how it can change your way of thinking.

How to Overcome ?

Exercise has been repeatedly linked to reducing depression. This is because exercise releases more serotonin. I told you about this earlier, exercise regularly and there is no need to do anything drastic. Just 10-15 minutes of brisk walking also helps a lot. Moving your body on a regular basis will make you feel great and I know that for many days you will not feel like getting out of bed and especially on these days you will have to force yourself.

Another thing that helps is taking bath with cold water. Taking a bath with cold water shakes your entire body and your blood circulation increases. This has been most effective for me. This is short term, sometimes I feel even a little depressed, so I take a bath with cold water. I feel so much better than when I'm shaking, screaming, breathing very fast. Go out and take a walk in nature. Go to a park and breathe oxygen. Play with a dog or cat.

How to Overcome Depression

By living in nature, sir, you will feel better by living in the environment. And I will tell you one more technique. Just shout, go anywhere where people will not be listening, tell your family members that you are going to shout and just shout, however loud you feel like shouting, sometimes you will not be able to say what you want to say with your words. If you want, then just shouting will often make you feel better. So this was physical expression, another way to express yourself. You can emotionally tell any family member or friend how you feel.

Keep in mind that he is someone whom you trust and yes, sometimes it is difficult to find such a person, so you do not need to tell him everything. Just talk about anything, but being alone will make you more depressed. You are created for social connection and to connect with other people. Even if you consider yourself to be a big introvert, you release these two chemicals in your brain.

How to Overcome Depression

And another thing that you can start is you can start writing but how do you feel? What is making you feel depressed? Write about events in your past that made you think you had depression. What if something very bad happened to you?

To express yourself. You can emotionally tell any family member or friend how you feel. Keep in mind that he is someone whom you trust and yes sometimes it is difficult to find such a person, so you do not need to tell him everything. Just talk about anything, but being alone will make you more depressed. Cummins was created for social connection and connecting with other people, even if you consider yourself a big introvert.

How to Overcome Depression

And serotonin and another thing you can do is start writing. But how do you feel? What is making you feel depressed? Have you written about those events in your past due to which you feel you got depressed? If something very bad has happened to you and you have not thought about it yet, then you will remain depressed because you have not even learned to deal with it. I know it's very difficult but please make a commitment that you will correct yourself

You should understand very well. Many a times, the biggest criminals and heaven type people you will see have suffered a lot of pain and the same people who have suffered a lot of pain also cause pain to other people. So you must keep in mind that you have to learn how to deal with your pain or you should not be afraid of it because it is very important that you learn to do this. For the well-being of yourself and others, there is only one word used for mental health in India, 'mad' and this is the worst thing.

How to Overcome Depression

Maintained health is not something that gets fixed on its own. Many old people say that depression is not a big thing. Everyone has it but that's the problem. You have to take depression seriously and learn how to move forward from it, otherwise it will cause more problems in your life. I want you to promise that from this video you will learn to deal with your depression.

Therefore, better eating habits and a good healthy balanced lifestyle are very important. Take care of yourself, subscribe today for more such fitnessxtipsviruwap

What are the early symptoms of depression?

Depression: Symptoms
More nervousness, fear and restlessness.
Being more irritable over small things.
Sleep problems such as sleeping less or sleeping more at night.
Losing interest in routine activities such as sex, sports, and hobbies.
Feeling more tired after doing small activities and lacking energy throughout the day.

What are the problems in depression?

getting angry over small things
having difficulty concentrating and remembering
having more negative thoughts
feel like being alone
feeling tired and weak
to be irritable

Why does depression happen?

There are chemicals in your body that help regulate your mood. When you don't have enough of these chemicals or when your brain doesn't respond to them properly, you can become depressed.

Does thinking too much cause depression?

Ruminating on stressful events can lead to anxiety and depression over time. " "From a mental health perspective, anxiety can affect your ability to cope with everyday stressors, and depression results in feelings of sadness, loneliness, and emptiness."

How many days does depression last?

Every person can feel sad for some time several times a day or every other day for some reason or the other. This does not at all mean that he is in depression. This sadness comes and then goes away after some time. If this sadness continues for more than 10-15 hours every day and this sequence continues for at least 14-15 days.

How to end depression quickly?

Depression: Stress is a mental disorder. In this state the person becomes disappointed and depressed. In difficult situations, instead of fighting the situation, he starts accepting defeat. ,
get enough sleep
do exercise
wake up early in the morning
watch comedy movie

What are the 5 symptoms of mental illness?

feeling sad all the time
feeling restless or unable to concentrate
having a lot of anxiety or fear
feeling guilty
extreme change in mental status
staying away from society, family and friends
Fatigue and lack of energy in the body

Depression ?

It is a mental problem but it also affects the patient physically like fatigue, thinness or obesity, heart disease, headache, indigestion etc. For this reason, many times patients wander to get treatment for these physical symptoms, but no attention is paid to the depression hidden at the root of these symptoms.

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