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The Real Causes of Hair Loss 

hair fall
Hello friends, you are very welcome to the treatment channel. I am Dr. Ayush and the topic on which we will talk today is hair fall or hair loss. If understood in simple language or in Hindi, it is also called baldness or baldness. Normally, the number of hair in our body is from one to 1,50,000, but if hair starts falling every day, then the patient or any person gets very worried due to this and if it starts falling in large quantities.
hair fall

So this can also be the cause of a lot of trouble. Normally, if you are losing 50 to 100 hairs daily then it is a normal situation because it is natural for so many hairs to fall every day. But if your hair is falling more than this then it is a matter of concern and we may have to find the reason for it. Let us know what are the main causes of hair fall. As far as men are concerned, they may have the problem of hair fall due to genes or genetic makeup.

hair fall

At the same time, it is common in women also. The butt is smaller than that of men. Secondly, if you have too much stress, this can also be the reason for hair fall. Women who are on OC pills or any hormone replacement therapy for a long time, this is also a major cause of hair fall. Hair fall can also be seen in women during pregnancy or post delivery. However, some infections like typhoid, dengue, malaria, HIV can also be the cause of hair fall.

hair fall

The main reason for hair fall is deficiency of vitamins, minerals and nutrition. If your hair does not get the right amount of minerals and vitamins and there is deficiency of them, especially Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin C, then this is also a major reason for hair fall. Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid which is not under control for a long time i.e. you are taking medicines, yet its levels are very high. Is this also the cause of hair fall?

hair fall

It happens. Fungal infection or lichen planus psoriasis is also the main cause of dandruff in hair. As far as the symptoms of hair fall are concerned, we lose 50 to 100 hairs every day. This is normal, but if it starts falling in large quantities, more than this, it means that flakes may fall on your hands while bathing. This is a matter of concern if done while sleeping or while working out or while exercising. as i talked about.

hair fall

Neal pattern hair loss typically occurs from the sides and starts from the top and frontal region and sides for females. So if you start seeing such symptoms as hair density and growth decreases, then immediately visit your dermatologist or seek advice from him about further treatment and cure. As far as platelets are concerned, the quantity of platelets is also very important in the body. Vitamins Minerals Iron to find out the cause of hair fall

hair fall

It is also very important to find out the levels of Holi Cassette, Calcium, Pantothenic Acid, Amino Acids, Biotin. Whether it is present in your body in the right quantity or not is causing hair fall in your body. I hope you liked the information given on hair fall. If you have not subscribed to my channel, then first subscribe it. Press the Bell Like button so that the notification of the video reaches you first. If you have any other questions related to this then ask in the comment section.

hair fall

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Hair fall Kyon Hota Hai ?

Hair fall hone ki bahut Sare Karan ho sakte hain inmein se mukhya Karan vitamin ki Kami aur Sharir Mein Paye jaane wale Poshak Tatv iron Ching Aadi ki Kami ho sakta hai

Kya hair fall ko roka Ja sakta hai ?

Han bilkul hair fall ko roka Ja sakta hai apne Dainik Jivan Mein Kuchh badlav Karke aap hair fall ko rok sakte ho aur apne khanpaan aur Swasthya ka acche se Dhyan rakhkar aap Puri Tarah Se hair fall band kar sakte ho

Kya master vate karne se hair fall Hota Hai?

Ya Ek sarasar Mitra hai ki master karne se hair fall Hota Hai air Pol hone ke bahut Sare Karan ho sakte hain ismein se mukhya Karan Hamara khanpaan Achcha aur Hamare Dainik Jivan Mein Kuchh Aise karnon ho sakte hain jisse Har Pal Hota Hai

Kya dandruff ki vajah se hair fall Hota Hai ?

Dandruff ki vajah se hair fall ho sakta hai iske mukhya vajah hai ki Jab dandruff Sar per hota hai to usmein itching hoti hai aur jisse balon ki Jude kamjor Ho Jaati Hai Aur vahan se hair nikalna shuru ho jata hai

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