Best 5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Best 5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Sleep

In this video we will talk about 5 Tips for Improve Your Sleep . Hello, I am a consultant psychiatrist and his specialist. Nowadays, many people are facing sleeping problems. Because people's routine has been spoiled, let us talk about some important things. See, one of the main reasons for the problem of sleep is that the work we are doing just before sleeping is often spoiling the sleep.

I mean, what do people usually do just before sleeping? Take the phone and go to bed and keep watching videos on the phone or reading the news and they too. Gradually you will fall asleep. But this thing spoils sleep a lot. What is the reason? Any work that stimulates your brain even a little or gets you even slightly interested in anything, engages you. Anything that is fun increases your excitement level and disturbs the sleep processor.

Best 5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Sleep

We generally say that a person should unwind himself before sleeping. Meaning, your energy level is here and if you sleep at this level, then you will have to come down slowly, then you will have to do some work which will bring down the energy level. Suppose, just before sleeping, you read some news which makes you feel a little restless.

If it is annoying you or you are getting a little interest then the energy level will increase further, hence do not use the mobile phone before going to bed. Put your mobile aside. Generally we say that if you want to listen to some songs then they are old type which are soothing, peaceful, that helps or a light book like novel type of book. Or in which there is not much suspense. Reading a light book can also help you.

Best 5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Sleep

So stay away from mobile. First step. The second thing is that it has been found that people who are having trouble sleeping, many times they think that they have to sleep. I feel a little nervous just thinking about it. I feel worried that I won't be able to sleep, what will happen? If a woman is about to get spoiled then this also spoils the sleep. So a simple method is to not go to bed until you start feeling a little sleepy. For example, suppose you are reading a book, then you sit on a chair and read it. Don't read that book while sitting on the bed, go to bed only when you feel sleepy.

And a very important thing is to use the bed only for sleeping. What people do is that they are eating food on the bed, watching TV while sitting on the bed, even studying while sitting, so what happens to your brain? Neither is it able to get every message that bed means sleep. If you are doing all the other work at the table or sitting on a chair and you are coming to the bed only to sleep, then your brain gets a signal that Bud doesn't make any sense and it doesn't even help in bringing the association, so keep the second point in mind.

Best 5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Sleep

The third and very important point is what are you eating and drinking? Specially in the evening, I will talk about tea, coffee, cold drinks, chocolates and all those things which contain caffeine. See, caffeine is something which is a stimulant and it stops the process of your falling asleep. Now the half life of caffeine is 5-7 hours. Meaning, suppose I drank tea and accept it. The tea contained 10 mg of caffeine.

So, let's say I drank tea at 7:00 in the evening, yet after 7 hours i.e. till about 2:00 in the night, five milligrams of caffeine out of 10 milligrams remained in my body.

So it takes 5-7 hours for the body to break down caffeine by half. So you can imagine that if half the caffeine is still in my body till 2:00 in the night, then even the tea or coffee consumed at 7:00 in the evening can spoil my sleep. So if you are having trouble sleeping, then ensure that you do not consume anything that contains caffeine or nicotine seven to eight hours or a little more than eight to nine hours before bedtime, then your tea, coffee, It is very important to avoid smoking, chocolates etc.

Best 5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Sleep

The fourth thing is that many times the food we eat at night is heavy, contains spices, is spicy, is fatty, and often causes acidity. They felt GRD and started reflecting. So the acid reflux also disturbs your sleep again and again, so the food should also be light till night. Should not be too heavy.

The fifth thing I would say is to exercise in the evening and a little before evening. The important thing about exercise is that it should not be done at night or even in the late evening. Because exercise also stimulates you in a way. You should not do anything that is stimulating you. If you do science in the afternoon or morning, your body will get a little tired and that will also help you sleep.

So you can use these five steps to induce sleep and see, medications meant for sleep can also be used. But first we should change our lifestyle a little so that it can cure us. The problem is very good in one point and I will say that many times people fall asleep. If you are having trouble sleeping at night in the afternoon and you are sleeping in the afternoon, then you are increasing your problems at night. Your problem of sleeping at night will increase if you sleep in the afternoon, so if you have trouble sleeping at night, then do not think at all in the afternoon.

Best 5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Sleep

What happens due to this is that the chemicals associated with sleep are able to accumulate a little more and there is benefit in sleep. Even after doing all this, if the problem continues then consult a psychiatrist. Nowadays, there are many such medicines which do not become habit forming. Generally one feels scared after hearing sleeping pill. We all may not get into the habit, but nowadays many such medicines have come which are not habit forming and you can use them for some short period of time. Safely but not on your own, consult a psychiatrist and follow these basic steps.

And I hope this will help you in sleeping. Thank you, thank you.

Therefore, better eating habits and a good healthy balanced lifestyle are very important. Take care of yourself, subscribe today for more such fitnessxtips. viruwap

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